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Cinematographer Subrata Mitra’s association with SatyajitRay was notable. He shot many of Ray’s best-known films, such as the Aputrilogy (1955-1959), Jalsaghar (1958), Mahanagar (1963), Charulata (1964) and Nayak (1966).

Two legends of cinema captured in one frame, SatyajitRay discussing with UttamKumar during the making of Nayak (1966). The film narrates a tale of the life and internal struggles of a hugely popular star on the course of a train journey.

Satyajit Ray was about to make a science fiction film with Peter Sellers & Marlon Brando. It was titled as ‘The Alien’. The unproduced film was said to be based around a spaceship that lands in rural Bengal.

Ray’s directorial debut and all-time classic, Pather Panchali (1955) was first shown in the United States before its release in Calcutta.
This is a snap from the Film India magazine that featured an experience of Ray on the screening of Pather Panchali at United States.

Shatranj Ke Khiladi (1977) brilliantly develops a historical canvas & parallels British colonial expansion during the 19th century with a story of two noblemen obsessed with chess. A photograph from Behind The Scene of the movie featuring Satyajit Ray with Sanjeev Kumar.

Ray shows the scale of a disastrous event that killed over a million people in his film Ashani Sanket (1973). This film reflects a slow pace of village life, which gradually changes into the breakdown of traditional village norms under the pressure of starvation.

An integral part of Ray’s influences and ideas on cinema were Painting, Music, and Literature. This is a snap of the master’s excerpt, 'Calm Without, Fire Within' from the book 'Our Films, Their Films.'