• Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute


We welcome you first to the world of Mr. Satyajit Ray, our country’s most renowned film maker locally and internationally. We want the creative genius of Mr. Ray to be passed on to the future generations of the country through a 12-day activities. It’s a small step to make students understand about who is Mr. Ray and what are the secrets behind Mr. Ray’s successful films? The program also speaks about the lineage of Ray’s ancestors and their influence on him.

There are 12 sessions of activities to be conducted.

Each session is 1-2 hours on a week end. The age group from secondary level. 6th std to 8th std students. May be relaxed for really interested senior students.

These are currently designed for offline class room sessions. The school may conduct the same online too.

The Activity program is designed in the following way.
1. The Magician called Ray – Total five films for the first 5 days
2. Daily Activities for twelve days
3. Certificate of Participation to be distributed by the respective school along with printed book marks of Ray memorabilia for the students and teachers.

The activities start in a relaxed manner and slowly intensifies by the end of 11th week.

The students are to be recommended having a A5 size small drawing note book to keep it as their sketchbook or journal. This may be told to them beforehand so that they can carry it along every session and keep working on the journal during the week. This will help them in documenting their innovative ideas and adding notes to those ideas.

The collection of the art works may be displayed in the notice board based on the response.

Notes to the teachers:
1. Material list to be announced for the students to bring from home. The teacher may announce the material list to students based on the number of registrations. Preferably a week ahead of the activity.
2. The teacher needs to have access to a lab/classroom with projection and sound system.
3. 2 reems of xerox sheets for the use of the students. Per batch.
4. Printouts of the day wise activities for distribution with the students. The teacher must prepare for the forthcoming week ahead.
5. First aid kit in case of any emergency since it’s a weekend activity. Based on the availability of the children this could be finished as a twelve day activity too.
6. Attendance to be taken for the class.
7. On the 8 th session the teacher should calculate the number of participants and order for their book mark goodies and certificates to be issued on the 12th session.

Activity Book Download procedure:

The teacher must fill up the following e-form with a valid email id.

Upon submission an email will be received in their registered email containing the link of 5 videos, e-activity book, goody cards for the children digital certificate template. 5 videos and 11 activity instructions (e-activity book) along with the goody cards for the children and the digital certificate design for the participating children. 

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